Novelty Events


Just for Fun

No Games are complete without the novelty events which contribute an element of fun the proceedings and should not be taken seriously.

CLIMBING THE POLE has had many variations at Taynuilt, depending on the mood of the organiser. A bottle of whisky has been known to be perched on the top of the pole for the over 25s but our not-so-athletic Organiser now has difficulty in getting it up there!

THE PILLOW FIGHT is another popular event where rules go by the board as the battle proceeds. Entrants over 80 years of age must be accompanied by both parents.

THE THREE LEGGED RACE takes many forms as the day progresses and is now one of the highlights of our Games. The origins of this event are obscure but it is thought to have evolved when the Organiser forgot the sacks for a sack race and as an alternative and in a panic cut up the boundary ropes for leg ties.

SACK RACE unsure of the origin, but now we make sure not to forget the sacks!